Commisions Policy

Last updated on 19 October 2016

This Commissions Policy document is to inform you on Ehcher's ("Ehcher" or "We") Commission charges.

  1. Ehcher's commission would be the fees for the FIRST and SECOND lessons for the first tuition cycle[1].
  2. In the event a tutor is terminated within the first two lessons, Ehcher would refund 25% of the fees as compensation for transportation.
  3. In the event a tutor is terminated from the third lesson onwards, there would be no refunds or compensations for the tutor.
  4. All criterias stated above are based on the assumption that classes conducted by the tutors are within a regular tuition cycle of 4 lessons[2].
  5. Ehcher reserves the right to change this Commisions Policy, from time to time. We will post any changes here and indicate the new effective date of the Privacy Policy at the top of the document. We encourage you to review the Commissions Policy for any updates while you are an active User of the Site.

[1] One tuition cycle is assumed to be 4 lessons, based on the assumption that lessons are conducted once a week.
[2] In the event a tutor has a tuition cycle of 8 lessons or 12 lessons, all criterias would be doubled or tripled accordingly. (e.g. For a tuition cycle of 8 lessons, clause "1" would hold true for the first four lessons.

Should you require further clarification on our policy, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or through our contact form here.