the WHY

We view the tuition industry in Singapore like a crumbling city; and here at Ehcher, we want to be the hero who swoops in and saves the day.
(feel free to imagine us in a red cape and tight spandex)

Here are 3 problems we want to fix in this industry:

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1 Overly Saturated Industry

With the education industry in Singapore valued at over $1 Billion (yes, Billion with a "B"), it is little wonder how there are tuition centers and agencies alike popping up at every corner of our tiny island. While more is usually good, it really isn't in this case. And that brings us to our next problem.

2 Low Entry Barrier

Being a tutor, like so many other things, is a JOB. Oddly though, it seems like literally any Tom, Dick or Harry can set up shop anywhere and join this industry. And even if Tom comes from a prestigious school or Harry has been trained in a ministry, that isn't a guarantee that said Dick is good, right?

3 Lack of Information

To be honest, we're really sick and tired of everyone merely promoting their outstanding credentials. Having good paper qualifications demonstrates no correlation to competency, and in best cases only an indication of proficiency. In the real world, credentials only gets you in the door, not the job; we want to change that too.

the HOW

Identifying the problems only gets us half way there, and we don't fancy proclaiming to offer quality tutors without any real justification.

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1 Interviews & Proficiency Tests

There's a lot of talk about how tutoring is an actual job, which is why we have put in place an interview process along with proficiency tests; we meet every single tutor that is offered to you. Yes, we know what your tutor looks like, and we can also tell you if we are comfortable sitting across from them at a starbucks. Because if we didn't enjoy our meeting, how can your child enjoy a lesson with them? And we share with you the insights from our interviews.

2 Active Involvement

Traditional agencies usually keep their hands off assignments, usually allowing tutors to liaise with parents once a tutor has been chosen. We don't like the idea of that, we enjoy being involved in the process. We want to be there with you, from start to finish; we will be there on the first day of lessons with our tutors, and we will follow you and your child along their education journey. We promise you will hear from us, really often.

3 Guarantees & Rebates

We believe in being accountable and responsible for the tutors that are provided by us, and this is the only way that we know how; we put our money where our mouth is. We offer free classes when you require a replacement tutor, because we are sorry the first one didn't work out; it meant we did not do a good enough job. But even if you don't buy into our methods, why not take the chance with us? We don't see anyone else offering money back guarantees.

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