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Is The Failure to Raise a Disciplined Child Still the Fault of the Teacher?

There is a famous Chinese saying, which suggests that the failure to educate a child is the fault of the Father, and the failure to discipline a child is the fault of the Teacher. Singapore as a society is certainly not stuck in Confucian times, where teachers are all held in high regard and treated with great respect. Nonetheless the latest incident of a parent suing the principalRead More

University – For Jobs or Learning?

The notion that society can only accommodate only X% of university graduates is a highly destabilizing thought, especially for Singaporeans. It almost puts our entire tuition culture and relentless paper chase into a tailspin.  We have attempted to sooth some of these tensions in our earlier article by breaking down the scary headline and trying to make sense of it. One of the fundamental assumptions behind the idea that there should only be a fi...Read More

How Many University Graduates is Too Many?


It would be an understatement to say that Mr Ong Ye Kung’s statement about a country’s ideal number of University graduates rustled a few feathers. People bristled at the suggestion that more than half of the population is come to terms with the fact that they should not be expecting a University education, because the Economy cannot support such a large number of graduate jobs, which would then lead to a high graduate unemployment rate. Our education system has always ...Read More